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Where is the best place to buy valtrex online ? Valtrex is now a Canadian company, so there are no local stores, so there is very little choice. We can however, see that you find it through online retailers such as, or from certain doctors. But, as always, what you can't see here is the fact that, in other countries like the United Kingdom, it is available through a pharmacy. For example, in Germany, you will find valtrex at several pharmacies, as well certain health clinics and hospitals - pharmacies that only sell over-the-counter drugs (that is, that can be purchased freely). If you are located in an area where you can't find valtrex in a pharmacy, you can often find it over the counter - that is, by ordering them online from pharmacies, such as Amazon. The most recommended, widely available way for Americans to purchase valtrex online is from: A Pharmacy in the USA If you are living in the United States, you can often use a local pharmacy to purchase valtrex in an over-the-counter format - this is often the best route. Unfortunately, valtrex doesn't come with its full complement of meds (including any medicine-speci